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The new Infront terminal combines real-time global market data, news, charting, analytics and powerful trading functionality in an innovative interface that is easy to learn and efficient to use. It is streamlined for the real-world needs of finance professionals – eliminating unused features and unnecessary costs.

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Electronic trading solutions

Infront Connect electronic trading solutions enable banks and brokerages to leverage their existing infrastructure for increased order flow. Cost-effective, FIX-enabled, OMS neutral cloud-based solutions from Infront connect buy-side clients and internal users to their OMS for DMA via an exchange membership or an execution network.

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How agile tools can help treasury managers wipe a basis point or two from the cost of funding

NOV 20, 2014 by Adam Walhout 0

You’re the unsung heroes of the corporation. The internal mini-banks that make sure the cash needed to keep the wheels of the business turning is safe, liquid and available. If you work in the treasury function, you need access to a core set of data and analytics that can not only help you fulfill your role, but can help you excel by wiping a basis point or two from the cost of funding. And that can make the difference between a successful year and a not-so-successful one.

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