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Infront provides real-time news from leading global sources and local Nordic specialists, covering multiple asset classes, sectors and regions.  In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at what market-moving news is available in the Infront terminal, and give you tips on how to interact with it in productive ways.

What kind of news can you get in Infront?

As mentioned above, you’ll find a wide range of news in the Infront terminal.  From global sources like Dow Jones to local specialists like Nyhetsbyrån Direkt – you’ll find a news source that matches your specific area of interest.

Global News from Dow Jones

  • Dow Jones Global Markets News
  • Dow Jones Commodities Service
  • Dow Jones Energy Service
  • Dow Jones Global Investment News
  • Dow Jones Global Equity News
  • Dow Jones Global FX & Fixed Income News
  • Dow Jones UK Regulatory News

Regional News from Dow Jones

  • Dow Jones Austria
  • Dow Jones France
  • Dow Jones Germany
  • Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst (NL)

Nordic News

  • Nyhetsbyrån Direkt (SE)
  • Dow Jones Nordic International
  • iMarkedet Xpress (NO)
  • Kauppalehti (FI)
  • Ritzau Finans (DK)
  • Startel (FI)
  • TDN Finans (NO)
  • Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (SE)

Infront also integrates more than 70 free news sources from over 20 countries, available to all users as part of the Infront Basic Feeds package.

Add your own RSS news sources

Infront allows you to easily add any open RSS feed (like news, blogs and more) and view it alongside other news directly in the Infront terminal.  Just navigate to Tools | Preferences from the top menu, choose News from the left-hand menu and add your own RSS news by pasting in the RSS feed link.

Selecting RSS news sources in Infront

Your RSS news feeds will be available in your list of News services under the RSS News Feeds heading.

How can you access news in the Infront terminal?

1. Open a news source directly from the toolbar

Just click the News button in the Infront toolbar to open a list of all news sources you subscribe to.

Infront Enterprise toolbar

In this window, you can select the news feeds you would like to open.  Begin typing in the window to filter the list for specific sources:

Selecting a news source in Infront

Click the check box beside the news services you would like to open and click OK to open them in a News window.  You can click as many as you’d like – they will be opened in a single window.

News Window in Infront

Once you’ve got one or more news sources open in the News Window, you can search the full text of articles and create filters to only news containing a certain keyword.  More on that a bit further down in the article.

2. Access news from the Enterprise Launch page

The Enterprise Launch page provides a full overview of the data available in Infront – including news organized by region.  You can open the Enterprise Launch page by clicking the Enterprise button in the Infront toolbar.

Enterprise toolbar

You’ll find news in a couple of places in the terminal.  First, you can access news under the Regional Overviews heading.  Clicking on the News link will open a News Window containing news for that specific region.

Regional news in Infront

Second, you can access Global News (a collection of global sources), Hot News (latest flashes) and FX News (a collection of FX news from various sources) from the Global Overviews toolbar at the top of the page.
Enterprise toolbar news

3. Access news from a Company Overview page

Infront Enterprise Edition includes Company Overview pages, giving you an instant overview of lots of key info related to a company – including the latest news.  To open a company page, type CTRL+ F and begin typing the company name (for example: Volvo AB).  Select the Company Page for Volvo from the search results to open the page.

News in an Infront Company Page

At the top of the Company Overview page, you’ll notice a News button.  Click it to open a News Window containing the latest news on the company from multiple sources.

Infront Mobile: Take your news with you

Infront Mobile
Infront provides real-time apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices, allowing you to access your news from anywhere.

Find out more about Infront Mobile | Download the Apps

4. Access news in a Symbol Overview Window

The Symbol Overview Window provides a wealth of details on a specific symbol, including the latest news related to the symbol.  To open a Symbol Details Window, click on any symbol in an open Market Window.  In this example, we’ve opened BMW (BMW).

Symbol Details Window - BMW

Open this window direct in Infront: http://goi.nf/?clxfnc

Clicking the News tab at the top of the window to view the latest news related to the symbol directly in the Symbol Details Window.

5. See latest news directly in a Market Window

Infront also gives you a shortcut to the latest news related to a given symbol directly from the Market or Composite Window.  We’ve used the DAX Constituents in the example below. 

DAX Constituents

Open this window directly in Infront: http://goi.nf/?boimec

You’ll notice the news icons in the second column from the left, showing the latest news story related to relevant symbols.  Hovering over the icon will give you a preview of the latest story.  Double-click on the icon to view all of the latest news in the Symbol Overview Window for that symbol (in the same view as shown in section 4 above).

Dow Jones News Plus

If you have access to one or more Dow Jones News services, you’ll see a DJ NewsPlus button on the main toolbar.  Clicking that button opens the Dow Jones News Plus service – giving you an overview of the most important stories in an easy-to-read format.

DJ News Plus in the Infront terminal

6. See news in a chart

Finally, you can view news directly in an intraday or historical chart.  We’ll use Apple Inc. (APPL) for this example.  We can open a historical chart directly from the search bar by hitting CTRL + F to start the search, then by typing “HistChart AAPL” in the search field – hit enter to open a historical chart.

AAPL Historical Chart

Open this chart directly in Infront: http://goi.nf/?ucunko

You’ll notice the blue N tabs along the bottom axis of the chart, each denoting a news item.  This isn’t enabled by default, so to show news in any chart, click Events at the top of the chart and select “Show News” from the drop-down menu:

Show news in a chart

Click on an N tab to view the news stories related to APPL for that time period:

Preview news stories in a chart

Double-click on any news item to open and read the story.

Customize your news flow using filters

Now that we’ve covered the main methods to find news in the Infront terminal, let’s take a look at how you can use filters to customize your news flow.  There are a couple of ways to create a filter:

1. Start typing to create a Quick Filter

Once you have a News Window open, just begin typing a keyword to create a Quick Filter showing only those stories that contain the keyword – either in the headline or in the body of the article.

Quick Filter in News Window

You can also choose to highlight the stories containing your keyword (as opposed to creating a filter).  Just select “Quick-Highlight” from the drop-down menu to the left of the search box. 

2. Click the Filter button to design your own filter

To create a more advanced filter, click the Filter button to the right of the search box.  You’ll be presented with a range of options that you can mix and match to create your own custom filter.

Creating a news filter in Infront

Once you have set all the options for your filter, click OK to view your custom-filtered news in the News Window.  Be sure to click the Favourites icon (star) in the top-right hand corner of the news window to save your filtered news for later access.

Bonus Tip: Link News and Story Windows for lightning-fast news browsing

Infront allows you to link together two windows, so the content in one updates automatically based on input in the other window.  In the case of news, you can link together a News Window showing your news feed and a Story Window to show the full text of the news stories.

To do this, open the News Window containing the news you want to monitor.  Next, double-click on any headline to open the story in a separate window.  Now for the linking.

Linking the news window

To link the two windows together, click the chain icon in the top-right hand corner of both windows.  You’ll end up with something like this:

Linked News Windows in Infront

And that’s it! Now you have a lightning-fast news browser integrated into your Infront workspace.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to use the comments section below or contact us.

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