The secret financial heavyweights on Twitter

Sverre Rørvik Nilsen

“There are people who have money and people who are rich.”
- Coco Chanel
In the “real world”, being rich makes you important. In the world of finance the ones whose opinion carry the most weight, are the people that get the calls, not the people that make them. This is the buy side. The people that have “AUM” – Assets Under Management.

The buy side is notoriously secretive, but all that has changed with Twitter. Yet, these people are still very underfollowed.

Twitter is a great source of information. For this very reason a lot of journalists joined Twitter early on, and the entire platform seemed almost infested by them.

It’s all well and good to hear what sports team a CNBC anchor likes or what a FT journalist thinks of a market move, but what is much more interesting, is all the people controlling big money – and sharing their insights on Twitter.

Financial heavyweights and other great people are to be found on Infront’s great new service; Infront Tweetwires.

@Pawelmorski Morski is well known as being a supremely smart and savvy user of Twitter, and he shares a lot of insights. Sometimes, like his analysis of Cyprus last year, was literally the first analysis anyone had seen, and cemented his place as one of the most important people to follow on Twitter. While he has a significant amount of followers already, the fund manager is still underfollowed.

@Cimmerian999 Clifford Asness is the co-founder of the 11th biggest alternative asset management firm in the world running, AQR, yet only 1270 people has chosen to follow him. In 2007 the firm had 39 billion dollars under management. Now it’s 24 billion dollars. Asness is not only famous for his firm, but also his posts online. In 2008, as rumors swirled about the size of AQR’s losses on Dealbreaker.com, Mr. Asness responded: “This is Cliff Asness,” he began in a post that attacked the other posters for being cowardly and liars.

@SardonicaX The Geneva-based manager of a family office is one of the most underfollowed people on Twitter. She shares insights into her market views and has great commentary, research, reactions and always has the ear to the ground. She is followed and read by very big money managers and she’s what’s known in the industry as “smart money”. Follow her.

@anthemis Anthemis is the account of a private equity firm that owns a number of technology firms with some kind of finance relation. It’s always fun to read what the really smart early stage investors care about.

@VicNiederhoffer The guy that made Taleb famous, by trading against him. And losing. But he’s made a lot of money. Niederhoffer Investments has returned 35% a year from inception through 1996, when it was ranked as the best hedge fund in the world. He’s also written the book The Education of a Speculator. He claims to have traded 2 million contracts and made an average profit of $70 per contract. This average is supposedly 700 standard deviations away from randomness. And yet only 658 people follow him.

@ewankirk The ex-Goldman Sachs-employee runs the hedge fund Cantab Capital, which has 5 billion dollars under management. Yet he only has 73 followers! Go figure.

@MarkYusko  Mark Yusko is the CIO at Morgan Creek Capital Management, a fund of hedge funds, which manages 7 billion dollars. He shares some insights on Twitter and his website.

Infront Tweetwires gives you the best of finance on Twitter, without the junk. It’s completely free to use at: tweetwires.goinfront.com.

This article is contributed by guest author Sverre Rørvik Nilsen. Sverre works with banks, brokerages and asset managers with topics that relate to financial innovation, research, media and social media. He is active on Twitter, where he writes as @finansakrobat – financial acrobat.

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